Treasure Island/St. Petersburg Beach

The next stop on our journey across Florida takes us to St. Pete Beach, which comes in at number 15 on Trip Advisor’s list and number three on my list.

Sunset at St. Pete Beach.  Photo R Anderson
Sunset at St. Pete Beach.
Photo R Anderson

Much like Pensacola Beach I discovered St. Pete Beach after I had moved away.  I had been to numerous other beaches in and around that part of the Gulf but for whatever reason I had never ventured there.

There are several beaches in and around St. Petersburg that make the top 25 including Clearwater Beach, Fort DeSoto Beach and Sarasota.  All of these beaches offer the same clear water and miles of sand. The only variables are the amounts of commercial buildings that surround them.

Personally I tend to prefer a more natural beach with less hotels and restaurants nearby but I realize that sometimes it can be nice to have a room with a view so there is certainly a time and place for hotels on the beach.

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